Holiday sports a big hit

October 03, 2017

Participants at Deni Stadium’s active sports days had a blast.

Deniliquin Stadium was a popular choice for students on school holidays last week.

The stadium staff held three sporting days from Monday to Wednesday to keep children active during their holidays.

Stadium manager John Arthur said the idea came about not long before school holidays started.

‘‘We had parents asking about an active sports day, so I managed to organise a few coaches to run the days and we were good to go,’’ he said.

‘‘The kids have been loving it, playing dodgeball, basketball, indoor cricket and futsal.

‘‘It was all about pushing the message to kids that there are other sporting options out there and a lot of sports have skills that cross over with each other.

‘‘Safety has also been a big talking point, where we’ve talked to the kids about potential risks and injuries that can be caused in each sport so they knew how they could be avoided.’’

Deni Stadium could hold events like the active sporting days in future after the success of last week.

Arthur said the summer holidays could see the introduction of pool days.

‘‘It’s a fantastic way to keep the kids active, rather than sitting around watching TV and playing video games,’’ he said.

‘‘There’s a really good social aspect about playing sport together as well.

‘‘I’d like to thank Boddie Arthur, Jake Parsons, Gracie Willis, Adrian Mulham and Brock Thompson for helping out over the course of the three days.’’

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